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In addition, the Mediterranean coast, land of the ancient Etruscan civilization.

Numerous doc wines, extra virgin olive oils, sweet dipici often enriched with hazelnuts from Cimini, one of the most important areas in Italy, and chestnuts from centuries-old chestnut groves blossom in Tuscia.

Sauces, condiments, egg pasta, cured meats, hams, bacon and a very long list of products capable of covering every corner of the kitchen, including the Nepi mineral water that flows from the bowels of the volcanic earth.


Milk Nellina 


Dark Nellina 


La Tuscia is a golden triangle set in the upper Lazio, between the borders of Tuscany and Umbria where ancient traditions and food and wine products with unmistakable flavors merge.

It is from this territory that unique products are born characterized by the varied morphology of the territory, gentle hills that alternate with vast plains, humid climates of the fertile Tiber valley and drier climates of the ventilated hills.

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